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Immigrant students

About the project

They’re young, well-educated and live in the country illegally. But immigrant youth in Chicago are not afraid to speak out anymore.In a group called the Immigrant Youth Justice League, they organized a demonstration on March 10 to “come out of the shadows” and demand immigration reform.

Uriel's story A glimpse at Jessica's life
finding the right words The numbers

Young immigrants take the stage explores this group of young people who have grown up in America and are now fighting to claim their place. You can also watch Uriel tell his story.

Another one of those young immigrants is Jessica, a freshman at DePaul University who came to the U.S. with her family when she was two years old. Without a legal status, going to college is a struggle. These pictures offer a glimpse at her story.

When writing about illegal immigration, finding the right words to describe people is a particular challenge. How do we describe those in the country illegally? is my attempt at answering this question.

And if the words are thorny, so are the numbers. Estimating how many people live in the U.S. unauthorized is difficult: researchers have to use intricate methods to extract this information from surveys. Click here for an interactive map of some recent numbers, along with a look at the difficulties involved in coming up with them.

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