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Creating multimedia slideshows: Projeqt and Vivox

November 13, 2010

Journalists who want to create multimedia slideshows don’t necessarily need programming skills. Here are two examples of online tools for producing interactive stories that incorporate video, images and writing.

Journalism blog 10,000 words recently featured Projeqt, an online tool that lets users build multimedia slideshows. Projeqt allows you to include photos, videos and text, but more interestingly, also enables hyperlinks, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook updates.

Ubuntu's slideshow on Projeqt

Slideshow by Ubuntu on Projeqt

The works currently showcased on the Projeqt site look more like corporate presentations or photographer’s portolios. Ubuntu’s project stands out because it shows the potential for storytelling, for example through the portraits of individual children.

The examples don’t incorporate the social features of the application, so it’ll be interesting to see how this tool would be used in an online news setting. Marianne Stefanowicz, Projeqt brand manager, told 10,000 words the company is planning to push for that.

“We feel there will be many scenarios where people from the publishing industry — whether a magazine, bloggers, feature writers —  that want to tell discreet stories with a distinct narrative, could use Projeqt. In fact, we are currently collaborating with a leading culture magazine on complimentary content for their upcoming issue,” she said in an email to Lauren Rabaino of 10,000 words.

This tool reminded me of Vuvox, another online application that allows you to create collages of their work. The collages consist of horizontal panes that users can move along, watching photo, video and text.

Adam Westbrook's collage on Vuvox

Adam Westbrook's collage on Vuvox

What Vuvox is missing is a navigation beyond scrolling along horizontally, something like an index of chapters or images on the collage. The sharing options include only an embed code and posting on facebook, no links to other social media sites.

I haven’t used either site, but from a user perspective, Projeqt has a sleeker feel to it, while Vuvox moves more seamlessly because the content is all on one plane. I think both offer additional value compared to a regular photo slideshow. I’ll be on the lookout for newsrooms starting to use these kind of features.


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