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September 15, 2010

I thought it was nerdy when the Telekom named its store in Berlin-Mitte “4010” after the RAL code for magenta, the Telekom color.

A lot of magenta at the 4010 Telekom store in Berlin.

Apparantly code jokes are popular with the online journalism crowd as well, and they take it to a whole new level. (Journalists are prone to a particularly nerdy streak of humor, as this and this proves.)

The Online News Association, a group of online journalist, entrepreneurs, coders and designers, is holding its annual conference in October in Washington, D.C. In anticipation, the D.C. chapter of the group created a T-Shirt inscribed

It’s #000000


and #FF0000

all over again

I had to ask twice until I finally got the joke (double embarassment, but I give myself a pass on the second step to understanding – an English expression I didn’t know).

The numbers are the hexadecimal codes for the colors black, white and red. Decoding them leads to the saying “It’s black and white and red all over again.” Substitute “read” for “red” and what do you get? A newspaper.

Needless to say, now that I figured out what it means, I really want one of those T-Shirts.


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  1. Hello, beautiful. Quite thrilling. But: Hexadecimal colors are specified by SIX-character codes.

    It’s #000000
    and #FFFFFF
    and #FF0000
    all over again

    the nerdy nerd, Daniel
    (bis bald mal hoffentlich!)

  2. curiousinchicago permalink

    of course I would still get it wrong even after two explanations 😉 thanks! is corrected.

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