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Windows 7 – not my idea

September 5, 2010

Germans have a weird sense of humor, and other things Microsoft got wrong

Here’s one of Microsoft’s commercials for the latest Windows version.

First of all, I have to say that all of my German friends are pretty funny, and I’ve never seen the show that’s supposedly on TV there.

But more substantially, what is this grand idea that Kevin came up with there? Remote access to videos on his home computer?

I hate to disappoint, but that actually wasn’t Kevin’s idea. Neither was it Microsoft’s. Services like Digital Dropbox let you keep your files “in the cloud” and access them from all kinds of devices, not just computers. So when Kevin’s little brother, who now uses Kevin’s PC back home, deletes the stupid video of a guy doing push-ups on his tongue because he’s figured out how to download porn from the Internet and needs the space on the harddrive, the videos would still be stored remotely.

Not surprisingly, Apple has offered something similar for a while with their Mobile Me service. This doesn’t only store your files but also helps find and/or lock your computer should it get stolen or lost.

And while we’re on it, aren’t these commericals pretty stupid to begin with? Microsoft pretends that all these ideas came from consumers, which tells me two things. Microsoft engineers couldn’t come up with new ideas themselves; and former Windows versions were so bad that consumers had suggestions over suggestions for even the simplest improvements (making it start faster? come on.). I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty lame.

I’m Jessica. I’m a Mac. And this Windows 7 commercials was not my idea.

Update: This Windows commercial from September 2008 shows that Microsoft can do better (thanks, Kolja!).


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  1. Kolja permalink

    I got annoyed by the spots today, too. No idea what they are trying to tell me. They are almost as opaque as this new windows phone ad: that one is at least asthetically pleasing…

    microsoft has come up with clearly better ideas:

    just produce German versions of these…

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