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Goodbye Chicago

March 25, 2010

The goodbye round of the Windy City took me to the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings and to a museum by the lake. Afterwards, went on the road to Washington, DC, via Nashville, the capital of country music.

Chicago above

It felt sweetly melancholic to look out over brightly sunny Chicago on one of my last days in town. Here, you can see east across downtown and Lake Michigan.

Photographer AbbyProfessional photographer Abby, partner in crime, takes pictures atop the Sears Tower (not really the Willis Tower, but officially so).

Above - the newsroomOur newsroom building looks to small against its neighboring skyscrapers. It’s “the dirty one” right before the red statue on Federal Plaza, in the middle of the picture.

Looking northThe view toward the North Side of Chicago. I live somewhere very far up there. Or lived, rather, since only days after I took this picture I packed everything I own into a number of suitcases (I won’t say how many) and took it on the road to DC.

high upDaring. Well, at least a litte. It’s really, really high up.

Abby at museumAbby is checking how many times her bones, skin and stomach have renewed themselves throughout her life in this cool exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Her liver is 255 days old — time for a makeover?

The HermitageThis is a house. While that in itself is not very cool, what’s pretty cool is that Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, lived here in his day, calling it The Hermitage. About a hundred slaves worked in the house and on the fields. Also, some of the original furniture, floors and tapestry remain here.

WalkingWalking through the Hermitage grounds close to Nashville, Tenn.

Eastern TimeAbout four hours of driving later: You’re now entering the Eastern Time Zone.

  1. mike permalink

    Cool pictures sweetie…..Let us know when you get to DC. We are driving up to Fredricksburg tomorrow, it’s only about an hour south of you…..

    Miss you…..

  2. Joellen permalink

    Keep posting! I want to see DC through your eyes since I still have not seen my Nation’s Capital! Miss my cheery roommate…

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