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December 8, 2009

This post is to say I’m still here. It’s the last week of the quarter, and that means a lot of work. I feel like I’ve been “almost done” for weeks now. I finally want to be done, finished, over. I want to grab some Glühwein (German christmas market in Chicago!) ride the holiday train, go ice skating and buy Christmas presents.

Three projects are finished – no wait, make that four. I wrote a book report about “Descent into Chaos” by Ahmed Rashid. Highly recommended, if not the easiest reading in the world. I spoke with members of the Afghan community and wrote a paper about them.

I finished an in-depth story with reporter friend Lauren on Iraqi refugees in the Chicago-area. They’re the largest refugee group and hit particularly hard by the lack of funding for refugee resettlement programs. Also, many of them are well-educated and come from a middle-class background, making the transition to starting from the bottom that much harder.

With Abby and Grant, we made a website about the Red Line, Chicago’s longest and most travelled train line. It was fun – sort of. Grant did some very cool artsy photos and Abby made a great video on street musicians on the train stops.

Now, all that’s left to do is my own website (extension of deadline, you’re calling my name).

Also, I need to finish up my reporting project on the 2010 census. And by finish up, of course I mean that not one word of the story is written yet. The video isn’t done either. But I have three very cool maps. And about 30 pages of interviews, and three hours of video that I somehow need to condense into 1,200 words and 90 seconds.

So keep your fingers crossed. Have a Glühwein for me. It’ll be over Thursday. No, Friday. But soon.

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