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Tell me about the fall of the wall

November 13, 2009
Homepage of Medill Reports on Nov 10, 2009

"Where the pieces have fallen" - Our package on the homepage of Medill Reports on Nov 10, 2009

This week, Jacqui and I put together a full package on the fall of the Berlin wall.

An article looked at what we, 20 years later, can take from the events of 1989. One thing is sure: The meaning of the wall’s fall continues to change.

In a personal essay, I wrote about what my own connection is with those events. Growing up in Berlin, it’s a personal crossing for me, and my family as well.

Jacqui tracked down the guy who had the exclusive contract to sell pieces of the Berlin wall in the U.S. Quite amazingly, he told her his story even though he usually doesn’t speak with reporters or even scholars.

It was great to be able to do those stories – to take a closer look at my own feelings about the fall of the wall as well as to learn more about what was going on in the background.

In the course of research, I also came across some amazing footage from 1989. For once, there’s the video of Hans-Dietrich Genscher announcing to East Germans gathered at the West German embassy in Prague that they will be able to leave for West Germany. This sends chills up my spine.

The New York Times had some amazing coverage of the event, with multimedia and stories written in 1989. When you read them, you can feel the astonishment and suprise of the reporter. Same is true for this news report from ABC from Nov. 9, 1989.

I’m so happy with what we were able to put together – big ups to my awesome partner Jacqui! Our web producers helped pull the articles together into one big package. Let me know what you think!


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  1. mike permalink

    Very nice. But I can’t find the story about “The man who sold the wall”

  2. curiousinchicago permalink

    I know, I can’t find it either! Something went wrong with putting it on the site, it got lost. I emailed the tech staff about it – hopefully I have the link soon, it’s a cool story.

  3. curiousinchicago permalink

    it’s fixed, the link to Jacqui’s story (“The man who sold the wall”) is now there.

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