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September 26, 2009

Of course, the first week of the new, second quarter was just as fast and as crazy as the end of the last one. I promise I’ll write more about it soon…

But then again, when will I write more? Ok, here we go.

Next week starts with an impossible commute – I’ll be at Medill’s downtown newsroom Monday until 9pm and have to be back Tuesday at 8am. Just so you know, it takes 50 minutes in the morning, when the express commuter train takes me and all the suburban soccer moms downtown, but it takes about 90 minutes when that express train doesn’t run. So all in all we’re talking maybe 5 hours of sleep, and web producing duties the next day.

But luckily, this will all be over soon! Yes, I finally found a place to live! It’s complete with a very nice roommate, big living room space, a beautiful back deck, a shy cat who liked me (I think) and a coffee maker. And a popular brunch place as well as a bar famous for its beer selection right next door. All the essentials!

Thanks again to my sweet classmate Sofia for offering me her couch and also to Abby, whose roomies were nice enough to show me their place and who I owe a beer now for not moving in! I hope you girls don’t hate me now, but maybe it’s a good idea to have a break from Medill and journalism every now and then, considering we spend close to 60 hours a week concerning ourselves with nothing else… 😉

Speaking of which, I really need to get my feet on the ground on my beat. Welcome to covering religion – again. And immigration issues, to spice it up a little bit.

For my German friends, I didn’t know what a beat was before coming here, either. It’s basically a topic or theme that you specialize in. That means since I’ll be the religion and immigration reporter, I will speak with people who work in those fields regularly, try to find out what their concerns are and what other media outlets aren’t reporting on, get in touch with those who are affected by these issues and so on. In short, I’ll become an expert on all things religion and immigration here in Chicago.

The stress in on “will” here, since I’m still catching up on research and all that’s going on here. Finding breaking news on the religion beat is a bit of a challenge, and finding breaking news that might happen during the week as opposed to on the weekend is even worse. But hey, in this program, there’s nothing that isn’t a challenge.

In the meantime, some love for my friends in Germany with this video (come on, Ladyhawke – no embed?? You gotta be kidding)

Special mention goes to Stefan in Paris. So glad you now have a place to live, but I can’t believe you got up at an ungodly hour like that to watch college football. You need a life.

Let me know what you guys are up to. And who you voted for! You’re going to vote, right? Otherwise I might have to send you that horrendous video of German non-celebrities urging you to “get out the vote” again. Safe yourselves from that!

For more frequent news, check out my twitter updates at (you can see some recent post on the right hand side of this page). Hopefully the fellow tapmaggers don’t fall out of their chairs when they look at the follower list next time. Special shoutout to CTABusDriver. This guy makes me feel more at home in Chicago – the bus drivers are just as cranky and hilarious as in Berlin!



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  1. Thanks for the update….we were begining to worry about you. Celebrating Tammy’s B’day next weekend, and then to Atlanta the following week for a Church conference…. Love you…

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