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September 2, 2009

Adrenaline. Beer. Coffee.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been running on for the last three weeks. With no more than five hours of sleep each night, it’s no surprise I went through a starbucks giftcard in a week. Thanks Mike and Tammy for anticipating the needs for your German daughter!

So what gives? Final projects are finished. Chris and I rocked ours, I think. I’m really proud of what we found out and put together.

Everyone presented their projects on the last day of class, and I have to say I’m so impressed with the incredible stories all my classmates reported. Their work was pretty damn amazing. Team Bootcamp rocks!

Sharon hosted a cocktail hour for us on Thursday and said she was impressed with how quickly we destroyed all the alcoholic beverages present. It’s just appropriate we’d go out with a bang, since Sharon won’t be teaching our class anymore next quarter. We’re their last group. And how lucky are we to have had those two as teachers. Oly and Sharon, thank you so much.

Friday was unwinding day, we went to class for a last couple of hours to present projects, have final conferences with our instructors, and write up our final beat reports. And then… the much-anticipated trolley tour started. Words can’t describe what happened. My classmates rock, we put on such a great party.

Unfortunately, it goes downhill from there. I’m now sick with a cold and sad that neither Mom nor Tammy are here to cook chicken soup for me. I want the cat to curl up on my legs and be handed hot tea and cold towels.

Instead, I bought some medicine and am planning to brace this nasty cold watching West Wing DVDs and hopefully going outside a little bit. It’s such a nice summer day.

I hope my loves in Germany are doing better. I’m now finally available again to chat, skype, email and generally be social and in touch. Hit me up!




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  1. mike permalink

    Hope you are feeling better sweetie….We miss you. Raining today, which is nice, and it is much cooler. Drop us a line when you have time….

    Love you….


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