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Notes from the field

August 22, 2009

Hey everyone!

I’m alive! Sorry about the infrequent postings, there’s been so much going on. Here’s an update.

Somehow I’ve become the Chief Catholic Correspondent for MTC2-111 (our class). That wasn’t even on purpose, just that one Catholic story let to another. For example, Chris and I spoke with the pastor of a catholic school, St. John Berchmans, the other day, and he told me about a pastor exchange where German pastors come to Chicago and vice versa. Check out the story here, I thought it was pretty cool!

But I branched out a little bit, for example on a story Sofia and I did together. We really don’t hesitate to go to any lenghts for our reporting. That includes getting up after 3 hours of sleep to treck out to Skokie for a law enforcement hate crime sensibility training.

We reported on a workshop for about 50 police officers-to-be about hate crimes and the holocaust – meaning asking a lot of police officers a lot of questions. I have about 400 pictures from two days of training sessions. I love my job.

Sofia interviews police officers in training for our article.

Sofia interviews police officers in training for our article.

I love my camera

We also had a broadcast day where we put on a would-be newscast. The whole thing ended in a lot of goofing around and picture taking.

Jessica and Jessica

Jessica and Jessica

The other Jessica and I worked on our part together – unfortunately we passed up the great chance of playing up our shared name “Jessica?” – “Yes, Jessica?” “Back to you, Jessica”. Next time!

These are the people I hang out with every day:

Most fabulous lab of all

Most fabulous lab of all

fuel for journalists

fuel for journalists

Afterwards, we moved on to Nevin’s, the gathering and drinking spot of choice for all first quarter students. You gotta unwind after all this pressure, right?!

How'd we do?

How'd we do?

After a few drinks we were brave enough to evaluate our performance on camera. It was pretty great I have to say! Everyone was nervous of course, but we put on a good show.

Especially the question-part was funny – the news anchor is wired up to the producer, who can talk to the anchor through his/her earpiece. So after the reporter has finished reporting “from the scene” (another room with a funny skyline painted on the wall), we’d be told a question to ask. I had to ask mine in German, which was pretty fun.

Yesterday, Virgi send me some super-cute pictures from home! Including this one of the best cat of the whole wide world, Rufus, being a tiger in the jungle. Danke Schwesterherz!

world's best cat. he's a tiger.

world's best cat. he's a tiger.

The next week will be absolutely crazy with exams, final projects and all kinds of stuff going on. What keeps me going is the promise of a pretty great party at the end of it all. Updates to follow, if I can remember…




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