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Sunshine in my Life

August 3, 2009

I had a great day on Sunday!

I got an really long, sweet email from my sister, a text from the other sister, a call from my mom with updates on life in Berlin and the best of all cats. I chatted with my boyfriend who was very sleepy and cute after a weekend of festival partying. I love being able to say goodnight to you.

And I got an email from one of my best friends, Mareen. Yay!

Later on, Max and I went to Sonja’s and she made the best burritos ever.  There was beer, cigarettes, Sonja’s super-cute cat and fun conversations.

And it just kept getting better! I managed to chat with Silke (twice!). I got two packages today. One from Mike and Tammy containing the ultimate supplies – Oreos, Goldfish and West Wing Season 2 DVDs. The other one with a book I’d ordered off Amazon. I’m so happy right now.

Also, my story today went great. I will hopefully post video of it soon, I have great quotes which I hope turned out. They call Chicago “Windy City” for a reason, and that tends to mess up audio recordings with heavy wind noise. But I’m so excited about cutting my footage later on. After I’ve figured out how to get it from the camcorder to my Mac. In the meantime, I’ll work on one of the other two stories I have to do, plus that paper, and the AP Style practice exams.

Not to forget my course selection for the next year! I’m a little freaked out about it because it’s almost like I will have a triple concentration.

Normally, you pick one area to focus on, but the one I want – interactive storytelling – doesn’t really work with the other stuff I want – to go to Washington, DC, for three months. So I have to have another concentration to account for that, which will be a subject concentration that focuses on reporting in one specific area. But I also want to do video storytelling courses, and religion reporting, and global journalism, and the media management track at Northwestern’s business school, Kellogg. Essentially, I want it all and I will have to decide somehow… stay tuned.


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  1. Virgeschlange permalink

    kleiner streber… du brauchst so eine zeituhr wie hermine! 🙂
    sonst hört sich ja alles super an!
    (und was heißt footage?)

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