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I’m not the only one!

July 23, 2009

Today, Rachel and I were sitting at a casual restaurant, having lunch. People were chatting around us or waiting in line to pick up their order. She was picking on her salad and I munched on my sandwich. Rachel’s sister has come to visit for a month (hint, hint, own sister! that’s the sisterly thing to do!) and we were discussion what we had to get done by the end of the week:

Finish two big projects due on Sunday evening and Monday morning, homework in a couple other classes, midterm evaluations are coming up, I am failing my editing class, we need to get “smart” clothes to look professional for our reporting, and oh, are we having a sangria evening Friday?

“So how many hours do you sleep each night?” asked Rachel’s sister. Rachel looked at me and laughed. Sleep is becoming a luxury.

Another day, another meal, another conversation. Sonja and I were having sandwiches at her place with her great cat looking on (she later proceeded to jump onto the table to check if we’d left anything over for her).

“I feel like you cannot be ‘ok’ here,” Sonja said. It’s true. Either you’re feeling great, or you’re completely done with everything around you. There’s no in between.

And the worst part is, this can change within a minute. It feels like puberty all over again! I was glad I’d overcome that phase, but apparently, it’s back. All because I want to be a journalist. But hey, at least I’m not alone.


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