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A News Gentleman Dies

July 18, 2009

Walter Cronkite, one of the first news anchors in the US, died on Friday at age 92. He was one of the best known figures of TV journalism. The term “news anchor” was coined to describe him, he covered the assassination of President Kennedy, the landing on the moon, the vietnam war and middle east peace efforts.

Watch the video posted at the New York Times (left hand side of the article), it shows some great footage of Cronkite on air and out on the ground reporting. The article also describes how Cronkite saw his own role:

“I am a news presenter, a news broadcaster, an anchorman, a managing editor — not a commentator or analyst,” he said in an interview with The Christian Science Monitor in 1973. “I feel no compulsion to be a pundit.”

Another very personal obituary can be found here – it’s written by a Robert Feder, long-time friend of Cronkite who founded the first and only Walter Cronkite fan club at age 14.

Thank you for some great journalism, Walter Cronkite.


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