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Day Two

June 24, 2009

Oh wow. Some insights from the second day at Medill:

  • Airconditioning is not so bad after all. Especially when it’s about 30 degrees Celsius outside, and even more so when you’re carrying around about 4 kilo of equipment. But, I need to appreaciate this beautiful weather while it lasts – the winter is going to be brutal.
  • I cannot speak English. Or rather, I cannot write English. The Associated Press’ Stylebook is going to be the bible for the year to come. (Hell, I might go extra-nerdy and follow them on twitter!)
  • I am living off turkey breat sandwiches! The reason those sandwiches go so well with chips really is only because the bread is so wobbly, you need something crunchy to make up for it. Already getting into American eating habits – I need my lovely cook here 😉
  • It’s a small word! How high are the chances of meeting someone from the same small town in Virginia here at Northwestern? That’s exactly what happened – one of the girls in my program really is from Ashland! We discovered this yesterday and talked about life next to a farm for a while.
  • The time difference really is a pain. 7 hours – I can never catch anyone! Might have to get up early one day in the week. Actually, Tuesday will work from next week on, because classes start at 1 pm. So catch me on skype, can’t wait!
  • I wanna get started!! Audio Slideshows, please!!!
  • Before that, I need to sleep. Had classes from 9 am to 9 pm today. Night!

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One Comment
  1. Nora permalink

    du wirst hier vermisst. Hab einen wundervollen Start!

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