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The Future of News

May 2, 2009

How will we get our news five or ten years from now? Will printed papers survive? Which ones, the weeklies, the dailies, just a few of each?

Newspaper and the Kindle

And how about online news? Will publishers find a way to charge for the content they, thus far, provide for free? Will some of those who refuse to acknowledge the new demands of the medium – will they adopt, or cease to exist?

I’ve been thinking about those questions (and some more) a lot recently, not just because they’re the theme of my Bachelor’s thesis. One very interesting and exciting development, I think, is the advance of mobile devices such as the Kindle pictured above.

If news organizations find a way to use this to their advantage, I believe the Kindle will have a big impact in how we read our news. Brian Dewey, who took the very cool picture above, has more on the Kindle on his blog (picture used under Creative Commons). For one thing, he says “Reading the newspaper on the Kindle is easier than reading the actual paper copy.”

He also points out that we may have looked at the Kindle from the wrong angle, as a book-reading device: “As good as the Kindle is for reading books, it’s even better for newspapers.” (Even though he had some trouble with his Kindle later on, but the second generation is supposed to be much better than the first one, and selling better, too).

Now I can only hope newspaper executives realize the potential of such devices soon. Otherwise we might not have this kind of journalism anymore in the future.


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